Each organization has its own private processes. And each company has its own processes for follow-up and collection of invoices, loans or other debts. However, each organization has one common goal for collection processes. The ability to collect the highest amount. Collect (+) is a unique collection platform that is tailor-made for this purpose.


The right message
to the right customer at the right time

Do not let tools manage your data, but let your data manage tools

Assign numberless roles to your users

Access from anywhere you want

Wherever you are, your collection process is there… Collect+ has a user-friendly web-based interface for data and portfolio management. You can access and manage the process from anywhere at any time.

With Collect+ you can manage and monitor the whole process through a single application. It enables you to segment your customers based on periodic statuses and to distribute the segments to portfolios. You can create different rules for each segment, and display the interactions of both debt and customer in one history.

 You can not send the same message to your customers in each period for any debts you follow. Or you may not be able reach every customer by using the same tool. For example, you may want to call a customer with a debt not paid for a long time through automatic call system, while reaching another customer with a recently-issued invoice through a text message.

Let yourself have the power to create the lifecycle of the indebted customer data. Let yourself identify the date when and the method through which to reach your customer. Do not let tools manage your data, but let your data manage tools. Let yourself identify the timeline in accordance with the process as of the date when the debt first occurs.


Timeline Manager

Timeline Manager Admin Interface

Timeline Manager SMS Module

Timeline Manager IVN Module

Timeline Manager IVR Module

Agent Predictive Scripter Interface

Dialer & CRM

History Reporting

Dashboard (Senior Management – Operations)

Supervisor Live Monitoring Interface

Rol & User Manager

Collect+ API