Operational efficiency in HAYAT VARLIK has been maximized with Procat consultancy and support.

COLLECTURK accelerates the business processes with the products and solutions provided by Procat, giving efficient and flexible services.

HAYAT VARLIK reaches hundreds of customers with the call centre established by Procat.

Industry: Asset Management


Goal:  Making collection related operational processes of HAYAT VARLIK, which provides process support services and call services to organizations on receivables collection, faster and more flexible with state-of-the-art technology. Targeting as many people as possible with ININ Dialer solution.


Solution: Establishing a call centre within the personal loans collection department so that HAYAT VARLIK can reach customers in the fastest and the most efficient way possible. Renewing the software and hardware from the Call Center technology topology design with Interactive Intelligence (ININ) technology.


Result: The system built within HAYAT VARLIK is totally integrated from accounting to finance. This system also makes it possible to monitor all call centre expenses based on the debtor. The system reports how many times a debtor has been called. In addition, financial systems are integrated into the process. Thus, no reconciliation is required with any bank, everything is processed online into the system.

Industry: Receivables Collection Call and Operational Support Services


Goal: Making the business processes of Collecturk, which has been providing organizations with call services, process support services and associated operational support services on receivables collection since its date of establishment, faster and more flexible in order to address the increasing number of employees and projects of the company. Using the ININ Dialer solution and enabling the company to access as many people as possible, which is the main condition of making collections.


Solution: Providing to the growing collection team with the opportunity to instantly and uninterruptedly benefit from all the offerings that may be needed by a call centre equipped with up-to-date technologies. Maximizing the efficiency and flexibility while minimizing Collecturk’s investment costs with ININ Dialer.


Result: Collecturk can now reach more people in a shorter time by using the ININ Dialer solution. The company has focused on the receivables collection continuity and quality, which is its top priority, and also has met its goals in a much shorter time and accelerated its business processes.

Industry: Asset Management


Goal: To provide support for HAYAT Varlık Yönetim Şirketi in all processes from feasibility to consultancy and application by establishing a call centre to ensure continuous communication with thousands of customers of the Company. To enable HAYAT, which plans to increase the seat capacity of its call collection centre in 2012, to focus on its core business, by providing services of technological infrastructure and project consultancy to the company.


Solution: To establish HAYAT Call Center by putting into service the latest technologies under optimum conditions, with fastest installation process. Selecting appropriate software and hardware and integrating them into HAYAT’s existing system by leaving the conventional applications aside since HAYAT Call Center rather works as a ‘Collection centre’. Maximizing efficiency and flexibility while minimizing the company’s investment costs.


Result: HAYAT put its call centre into service in November 2009 with the support of Procat. Initially 12 customer representatives were working in HAYAT Call Center, and in 2011, the number reached 48 employees. HAYAT Call Center, added a further 24 customer representatives in 2012 and now continues its operations equipped with the latest technologies and with maximized operational efficiency.