Turkcell Global Bilgi recognize Turkcell subscriber from their voice

Authentication within seconds in Vodafone

Industry: Telecommunications

Goal: Turkcell Global Bilgi, aimed to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by making the operations of approximately 20 million ready-made card subscribers more practical.

Solution: With the system implemented by Speechouse & Nuance, call centre customer representatives were able to deal with more complex issues and were able to serve customers more effectively.

Result: “Speech Recognition Voice Response System” which was developed by Turkcell Global Bilgi and Speechouse, allows voice transactions to be used for payment services for the first time. Also the customer identification times were reduced and customer satisfaction increased.


Industry: Telecommunications

Goal: To ensure customers who want to perform their transactions by calling Vodafone customer services, are identified and processed in the fastest and safest manner.

Solution:  Voice biometric analysis allows customers to recognize their voice and perform their transactions without having to share personal information such as place of birth, birth date, parent name, etc.

Result: Customer authentication was performed to make transactions much shorter and safer. Due to shortened call times, the performance of customer representatives and customer satisfaction increased.