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Cloud Computing basically refers to migration of the applications routinely used to a virtual environment, and accessing these applications in any location where one can get online. It is also a business model where customers only pay for the IT resources used. The standardized and automated IT processes provide IT resource measurability and cost savings in terms of Licenses, maintenance and technical personnel.

Within the scope of technology improvement consultancy, we review your IT strategy and update it in parallel with the sector requirements. Accordingly, we provide support for you to have a more stable-running IT infrastructure in accordance with the goals of increasing operational efficiency and maintaining high accessibility by performing infrastructure management, reviewing the current structure and improving any necessary points.

The linear relation between competitive power and efficient use of information technologies requires an information technology infrastructure which is well-planned, designed, installed and provides uninterrupted service. Our technology consultancy services ensure you have the right infrastructures thanks to technology information, integration experience and field expertise.

Within the scope of our consultancy services, our purpose is to produce solutions that can meet the business requirements of our customers in the shortest time and with the lowest costs. This ensures we obtain successful results, reducing the technology costs by using our internationally approved methodologies, processes, tools and frameworks, and on rapidly adapting large applications. Software Architecture Consultancy helps overcome problems easily, mostly through our way of developing custom application software together with our consultancy services for strategy and operation.